Escort Service in Uttara

Over 35,000 people live in Uttara Model Town or Uttara. It’s been recognized as the richest neighborhood in Dhaka city. It’s located in the north of the city center of Dhaka. Half of the businessmen and elite class people live a luxurious life in Uttara. 

Our company has the safest and most secured escort service provider in Uttara. We provide various escorts in Uttara and they are specially appointed for Uttara. We have differentiated our escorts in different areas. 

Our Escort Girls in Uttara

Mary Escort Girl Uttara
Mira Escort Girl Uttara

Type of Packages We Provide

There is the various reason for escort services in Bangladesh. It’s a European culture. But in Bangladesh, the requirements for escort services are increasing. 

We are an escort service provider who has multiple escorts for you according to your requirements and desire. We are working to reach your satisfaction. 

Our escort’s age limit is 20-35 years old. We don’t provide below 20 years of age escorts as it’s unethical and there can be health hazards for them as they are not mature enough to handle a man with fantastic sexual desire. 

Here are some reasons for hiring escorts;


Remove loneliness and depression

Men who are not sexually happy in their married life and depressed in professional life, hire escorts to have some mental refreshment. 



Some people are not enough interactive in social life and don’t want to lead a conjugal life. They hire escorts to fill up their sexual desires. 


Want niche fetishes

Some people don’t like to have only one intimate partner. They hire escorts to fill up their fetish fantasies. 


Men Enjoy Variety

For men who don’t want to invest for a long time in women to get a good intimate life, escorts are the fastest way for them to get sexual satisfaction. 



Some men don’t want to hear ‘No’ and they don’t want an independent woman. Escorts are generally obedient and ready to be dominated. It’s better to get an escort than to disrespect a woman’s self-esteem. 



The European citizens in Bangladesh want escorts most. In their culture, they want to enjoy sex with escorts for a night. For this reason, some providers are working to provide them with escorts. 

Why You Should Hire Our Escorts?

We are the safest Escort Service Provider in our country. We’re assuring you to get complete satisfaction from our escort. If necessary, you can get multiple services from them. Our escorts are super friendly and interactive to make you comfortable in a minute. 

Here is some reason to hire our escorts: 

No Extra Charge

We don’t take any extra charge from our clients. Our escorts also don’t want any tips or money from the clients. You’ll pay only the required payment. You don’t need to pay any additional tips.

Friendly behavior

We don’t take any extra charge from our clients. Our escorts also don’t want any tips or money from the clients. You’ll pay only the required payment. You don’t need to pay any additional tips.

No Advance Payment

We don’t take any advance payment for one night or hour-based escorts. You’ll pay after the service end.

Multiple Girl Choosing Option

We’ve multiple types of girls in our company. You can choose according to your requirements. When you’ll come to us to hire an escort, we’ll show you our album. You can choose your desired one.

Authenticity and trustworthiness

We are a 100% authentic and trustworthy escort service provider in Bangladesh. Our escorts are super friendly and there’s no chance of being theft and other crimes.

Medically tested

Our escorts are fully medically tested. Before we send an escort, we do a regular medical check-up in case of any viral diseases. We provide you with the medical insurance of our escorts.

We have satisfies thousands of clients till now. If you want a safe and authentic escort, just contact us to get the best service.