Escort Service In Banani

Banani is an upper-class diplomatic zone in Dhaka where most of the foreign people and elite class people of Bangladesh live. Escorts are mostly requirable near Banani residential area as the foreign people want to have the amusement of prostitution.

We provide high-profile, smart, and beautiful escorts in the Banani area.

Our Escort Girls in Banani

Jeffy Escort Girl Banani
Luna Escort Girl Banani

Types of Escorts We Provide in Banani Area


High Profile Model Escorts

People of Banani require some smart and beautiful appealing escorts from us. With this concern, we have appointed some beautiful, especially for the Banani area to fill up the desire and fantasy of high profile and foreign people.


Media Personality Escorts

Some famous media personalities work in our company as an escort. We provide them usually for the luxurious party or to the people who are willing to take highly paid escorts.

Why Do People Hire Escorts?

There are several reasons for hiring an escort. The major concern is to fill up the sexual fantasy. A survey shows the reason why people hire an escort:

Old People Who Fantasize to have sex with younger girls, hire escorts from companies. The people who are alone or whose partner has died or got divorced come to us to hire escorts most of the time. They hire beautiful and smart escorts from us for one or two nights.

People want to remove mental depression and loneliness with a fantastic sexual experience. People who have an unhealthy love life or do not have enough interaction to get a sex partner, hire escorts to get the fastest sexual pleasure.

Escorts are hired sometimes in a private party for having more fun enjoyments.

People who don’t want any long love life or married life, tend to hire escorts to meet up sudden sexual desires.

What Type of Escorts do We Provide You?

We have multiple types of escorts in our company to reach your highest desire. You can visit us and see our albums to get your favorite ones.

These are some types of escorts we have in our company:


Collage and university-going girls (Adult)


High-profile middle-aged girls


Model or actor escorts


30+ aged escorts

Why You Should Choose Us While Hiring an Escort?

Our company gives you the assurity of providing the smartest, most beautiful, and most appropriate escort according to your choice. Our service is 100% confidential and authentic. You don’t have the fear of getting your identity viral.

Here are some valid reasons which will make you hire us:

Smart and Good-Looking Escorts

We have beautiful and appealing escorts to meet you with the best sexual satisfaction. They are smart enough to interact and amuse you. They are patient and well experienced in hand you and make you comfortable.

Medically Certified

All of our escorts are medically well tested and certified. You have no fear of getting infected with any transmitted disease. Before we send, we must do a regular medical check-up of our escorts.

We don’t Support Child Abuse

We are against any child abuse or forcing a woman to do sex work. All of our workers do their work with their consent and they will not show you any offensive behavior. If you observe any of these, you can complain to us about your queries.

We are 100% Confidential and Private

Our service is fully confidential and private. We keep your and our escort’s identity 100% private. We won’t disclose anyone’s identity without their concern and valid reason.

We don’t take any extra charges

Our company and our escorts don’t require any additional tips for their work. You will just have to pay the specific fees to the company.

Medically tested

Our escorts are fully medically tested. Before we send an escort, we do a regular medical check-up in case of any viral diseases. We provide you with the medical insurance of our escorts.

We are very much promising to provide you with 100% authentic escorts. Sometimes, people fear losing their image due to hiring escorts. We do one-to-one private conversations while providing a worker. If you’re looking for an escort without any hazard, you’re most welcome to contact us.