Escort Service In Mirpur

Mirpur is a mixed residential area situated in northern Dhaka. Here, all types of escorts have equal requirements. Our company has a large number of escort services in Mirpur. We provide all types of escorts in Mirpur.

Escort Service in Mirpur

Our Escort Girls in Mirpur

Ashly Escort Girl Mirpur
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Types of Escort Packages We Provide


Group Escorts

Sometimes people want more than 2 or 3 escorts for their personal needs or a party. We have packages with multiple escorts to provide you with the best escort team. You also can customize your escort team according to your choice.


Individual Escorts

People usually don’t hire an escort team without any private party. Individual escorts have more needs among the people. Our different types of beautiful escorts are capable of meeting up your highest sexual fantasy.

Types of Escort Services We Provide


Hourly Duration

People can hire escorts from us on an hourly basis. Some people need an escort for 2 hours or some people hire them for 4 to 5 hours. It depends on your need. But we have all the options of time duration.


Over Phone Service

We also provide online escorts. Some are not willing to have the physical presence of escorts, they just want to have some intimate amusement through phone calls. Our company also has escorts who will work over a phone call in the required time durations.


24 Hours Service

We provide escorts for 1 whole day. Some people need 1 escort to accompany them on their weekend. They hire a beautiful Escort from us for a day.



Whole Night Service

The majority of people want escorts for the nighttime. We provide smart, beautiful, and friendly escorts to accompany and amuse you at night.

Types of Our Escorts

Before appointing any escort, we do 3 steps test to identify its authenticity and commitment. We don’t support underage sexual services and teenage escort services. We verify the age, behavior, health concern, commitment, and other concerns for appointing our escorts. 

These are some types of escorts we have in our company:


Collage and university-going girls (Adult)


High-profile middle-aged girls


Model or actor escorts


30+ aged escorts

Why You Should Hire Us?

Our company assures you to provide the most authentic and satisfying escort in Bangladesh. We are working to meet up your desires. We have satisfied more than thousands of clients. We are the first choice of our clients for several reasons. 

Here, we are showing you the reasons for hiring us: 

We have multiple-choice options. We have all types of escorts according to our customer demands. We have all the details of every escort. You can visit us and see the album and book your favorite one.

Every escort of our company is well trained and highly experienced. They are super friendly and smart to make you comfortable after the first conversation. They’ll talk with you nicely and fillup your the desire you want from them.

All of our escorts are healthy, medically well tested, and certified. You have no fear of getting infected with any transmitted disease. Before we send, we must do a regular medical check-up of our escorts.

We are promised to keep your identity 100% confidential. We never disclose our client’s information and escort’s identity to the public without any valid reason.

Our escorts are expert enough to amuse you with some extra satisfying services without any additional charges. If you want they can provide you with body massage, head massage, and other intimate physical pleasure you want.

Our company doesn’t support any child abuse. We don’t take any teenagers or underage girls for sex work. You’ll get enough mature and well-trained escorts from us.

We are a 100% authentic and trustworthy escort service provider in Bangladesh. Our escorts are super friendly and there’s no chance of being theft and other crimes.

We do a psychological test of our escorts before appointing. Every escort of our company is mentally stable and strong enough to handle you and please you sexually.

Before appointing an escort we do multiple steps to verify them. We are concerned about your security as well as sexual satisfaction. If you’re finding any authentic escort service in Bangladesh, come and visit us to get the best escorts to please you.