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Welcome to Escort in Dhaka, where your wildest fantasies can taste the pleasure of reality. Find a safe haven to unleash your wild desires. This is where you will find ravishing young girls who aren’t only playful but can also get super racy for you. They do not just escort in Dhaka, they’re the dream that we make come true for you.

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Jasmin Escort Girl dhaka


Whether you enjoy yourself a nice slim woman or not. Sohana can change your perception. She can captivate your senses and bring out the best in you that you’ve never felt before. With her risqué aura, killer foxy look, and slim thick figure, she will get you hooked. If you like being enchanted by a younger and tighter beauty, Jasmin is the perfect match for you.

Mona escort Girl dhaka


She is the Mamacita who you can’t stop touching. Her enormous breast size followed by her voluptuous body can get any man hooked onto her. Her extroverted loud energy is to die for, in bed she is the matured exotic erotica that you might’ve dreamt about many times. Well, it’s time to make it happen in reality. One of our most popular call girl in BD.

Oishiescort service dhaka


Oishi is a high-maintenance charismatic young woman who isn’t afraid of any barriers. If you like bad girls who can keep you mesmerized by her hourglass figure and playful attitude then Oishi is the one for you. She is one confident woman with a very fixed persona and will not shy away from getting you what you want.

Ramona escort service dhaka


Meet Ramona, the dream girl of many men. She’s the most popular call girl in BD and we’re fortunate enough to have her at your service. Her supermodel body, angel like eyes and killer smile can bewitch you any time, anywhere. At first she might appear to be sweet and shy until you find her wilding on you and striping you off. She’s both sweet and spicy. A perfect combo of your fantasy. If you want someone who can give you the tighest pentration while keeping you entertained then you don’t want to lose a hold of her.

Ria Escort in Dhaka


Ria is the sex queen. Don’t know where to start but when you talk about sex, she is the first thing that will come into your mind if you can get lucky enough to have her ride you once. She’s the babe, you can’t trust yourself resisting with. Her tight fit body. Perky big breasts and soft bottoms will make you super hard when you press them. Her flexibility is surreal followed by her sultry looks, she’s like a sexy vampire that will captivate your soul and have you think about her for days after just one night.

Ritu escort service dhaka


Ritu, is the anomaly. She is a fitness freak which has her body into the perfect shape and size. Her beautiful skin and her charismatic looks will have you smitten by her. She’s the one with the wind. She’s fun, outgoing, upbeat and super attractive. If you like lust with adventure. This girl will never disappoint you. She’s the hunter of the thrill.

. Her flexibility is surreal followed by her sultry looks, she’s like a sexy vampire that will captivate your soul and have you think about her for days after just one night.

About Us

Welcome to Escorts in Dhaka, the wonderland of your surreal sexual desires. We created this safe haven for you to unleash the wildest fantasies that you have been holding yourself back from with the best escort service in Dhaka. Your desires are entrusted with us, we maintain high security and privacy which has us on the list of the safest escort service in Dhaka. Our main goal is to provide a service that satisfies our clients up to a 100%.


Coming down to our BD call girls, we provide both male and female escorts in Dhaka. They not only possess top-notch physique and looks, but they are also highly professional. They never shy away from giving you the experience that you’re craving. We have a long list of escorts differing from body types and facial features. Including popular models and celebrities that you dream to be with. We got it all for you. We also have our escorts medically examined to prevent any STDs. So, you get to allure in your favorite player in the safest game.

Dhaka Escort Services

Dhaka Escort Services That We Offer


Female Models (Incall & Outcall)

For hiring our hot ravishing Female Models (Incall & Outcall) you get to call our best girls in your home or other desired location. The charges for this service are:

Starts from 10000 BDT/hour

Full Night: Starts from 20000 BDT


Incall at our place

For in calling at our place, where you can come and visit and choose the desired escort then the charges are as follows:

Per shot: Starts from 4000 BDT

 Full Night: Starts from 12000 BDT


Actress / Celebrities

To hire your favorite celebrity and have yourself live the dream you can use our Actress / Celebrities service. The rates may vary in discussions. However, the general ballpark figure idea

Starts from 60,000BDT


Male Models (Incall/Outcall)

Wanna grab on some handsome hulk for yourself? Then you can use our Male Models (Incall/Outcall) service which

Starts from 3000BDT/hour.


Massage / SPA (With Sex)

To get release all of your weariness and end it with passionate slow sex get yourself a Massage / SPA (With Sex) service.

The rate starts from per Hour: Starts from BDT 8000


Room Date Service

Looking for a safe and secured place to spend some quality time with your partner? Then have our Room Date Service which starts from 2000 BDT room per hour.

Why Choose Escort Dhaka

What comes to your mind when you first think about getting yourself some appealing amount of sex? A sexual partner of course! But finding the right one for you is a tough game. Or if you’re down for some adventure time then a secured and safe escort service in Dhala is the first choice. By that, we mean Escort Dhaka, the best escort service in Dhaka.

One thing that we ensure to our highest is that we have a much secured privacy protocol that we strictly follow. Our business has been in this industry for the past 8 years now but not even a single client had any complaints or concerns regarding their safety or privacy. We are strictly against any videos or pictures captured and we have a safe team who would avoid it at all costs.

Well even though we could’ve put it at the end but it would’ve been nice if you know how affordable our services are. You get the best sexual experiences with high-end-looking escorts without having to consider your pockets. Where else would you find such a wonder? 

Do you consider yourself a freak? Wait till you hire one of our BD call girls who will have you enticed by their tantalizing looks, silky smooth skin, and their luring perfect figures. They’re the human embodiment of passion play. Their riveting persona along with their flexibility to give you the best sex of your life will leave you feeling a winning pleasure that you have never experienced before. 

Whether it be male or female, our escorts in Dhaka are high-maintenance people. They have a proper hygiene routine. They get medically examined every month to check out for any Sexually Transmitted Diseases. (STDs). Our girls are very professional and will let you know beforehand whether or not they’re on birth control or not. Whatever happens, we never budge our problems. We deal with it on our own and handle it in the most professional way possible.

One of the most exciting parts of this whole process is that we have different packages and offers for our clients to experience. Whether you want a threesome or have an extraordinary fantasy to fulfill, we will be right at your service with our escort service in Dhaka. We can even have our girls dress up in costumes or roleplay in a certain way to spice things up for you. Whatever the cause is, your wish is at our command.

Having sex with an experienced partner “maybe” be fun and all of that but let’s be real. If you’re paying for sex service, you would most definitely want the best. And by best, we mean THE BEST. And so, we are more than glad to inform you that our escort service in Dhaka isn’t restricted to a missionary. We got no rooms for noobs here, we have our escorts especially trained for you to perform the best sexual positions of all time. Whether it be twisting and twirling of Kamasutra or the hardcore 69. Our escorts are always down for anything you wish for.

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